Passively-collected data: Beware the lure of this 'non-reported' approach to insights...
Check out this article - written by Thriveplan's own Mary Mathes - recently published by @QuirksMR.
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Speed + Ease + Convenience = Amazon (Right??)
'Out-amazoning’ Amazon is a fool’s errand, but HOW do we reach Millennials & Gen Z? Check out my article – recently published by GreenBook – and learn how to zig where Amazon zags.

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Mary Mathes

Director of Data Insights, Alpha- Diver

Unlocking Better CX through Neuroscience

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

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Mary will share insights from Alpha-Diver’s neuroscience-based model and database to simplify and clarify business leaders’ CX challenges. Attendees will walk away with:
  • The key human truths that underlie what makes for a good vs. not-so-good perceived customer experience.
  • Tangible ways to create more positive customer experiences, with real-world examples, and
  • A framework by which to evaluate their brand WHYs to drive a purpose that will subconsciously connect with consumers.