Customer Experience

September 22, 2017

Event Overview

The Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA Cincinnati) presents our inaugural Ignite! Regional Conference this year, concentrating on the heart of the marketing matter: Customer Experience.

From insights and influence to innovation and advocacy, all marketing roads lead back to the Customer Journey.  In pursuit of DIFFERENTIATION and DELIGHT, we employ our best listening and communications skills, make promises that matter and deliver on them, infuse our organizations with the Voice of the Customer (VOC), operationalize the optimal experience, be who they want us to be and yet represent exactly, authentically who we are. NO BIG DEAL, right? It’s a tall order – all consuming and ever evolving – with obstacles and opportunities at every turn.

Join us on Friday, September 22 as we take a walk in the customers’ shoes. What do they need and want? Where and how do they buy? What do they expect from product and services providers? How are we different from the other guy? What makes us special, easy to do business with… valuable? Where does nurturing turn into a sale and vice versa? What are the tools we can use to communicate with, understand, and convert our customers? How deeply into the experience does the digital world dig? (Hint – we think it’s all the way!)

Keynote Speakers

Thomas A. Stewart

Executive Director, National Center for the Middle Market and Co-Author, “Woo, Wow and Win: Service Design, Strategy and the Art of Customer Delight”

Patricia O’Connell

President, Aerten Consulting and Co-Author, Woo, Wow and Win: Service Design, Strategy and the Art of Customer Delight

Jen Rodstrom, CCXP

Customer Experience Transformist, Temkin Group

Joel Book

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing Insight, Salesforce

Speaker Tracks


  • Climbing the Data Maturity Mountain
    Cindy Daumeyer, Partnership Director, Astronomer
  • Using Technology, Data and Analytics to Create a World-Class Customer Experience
    Evan Carroll, President, Evan Carroll & Associates
  • Using your experience data to self-disrupt not self-destruct.
    Natasia Malaihollo, CEO, Wyzerr
  • Customer Experiences Valued by Millennial and Gen Z Customers
    Dennis Devlin, CEO, Consumer Clarity


  • Developing a People-Aligned Culture that Motivates to Deliver
    Dave Townsend, President, Intrinzic
  • Optimizing Customer Experience to Change Behavior — What We’ve Learned from Helping Millions of Families Get Things Done
    Matt Nitzberg and Chris Bergman, FamilyTech
  • Building Empathy into Your Content Development for Improved CX
    Autumn Heisler, Creative Director, Dooley Media
  • FC Cincinnati and Dooley Media Kick Around CX and the Boiling Point of Fan Frenzy
    DJ Switzer, Director of Communications, FC Cincinnati and Matthew Dooley, Founder of Dooley Media


  • Stop Counting Impressions. Make One.
    Dan Barczak and Sherwood MacVeigh, Hyperquake
  • How to Innovate Product-Market Fit with Lean UX
    David Galownia and Chris Howard, Slingshot
  • Building Online Communities – Who has earned the right to bring their customers together, and what do you do with them then?
    Dawn Shirley, Vice President, Communications & Media, 84.51°
  • The Digital Marketing Revolution is Redefining Experiential Marketing
    Jeffrey Miller, Experiential Brand Strategist, Iacono Creative Event Services


  • The Customer Loyalty Loop: The Science Behind Creating Great Experiences and Lasting Impressions
    Noah Fleming, Consultant, Speaker & Author, Fleming Consulting & Co.
  • The Promise and Peril of Customer Loyalty
    Aldy Keene, President & CEO, Loyalty Research Center
  • The Case for Relationship Reinforcement in the B2B Customer Journey
    Don Gray, President, Sales Engineering Group
  • Motivating Sales and Loyalty Through Shared Passion and Purpose
    Stan Phelps, Founder, PurpleGoldfish.com

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