Who is Responsible for “Customer Experience”?

September 20-21, 2018

Event Overview

There may be a person or team with CX in their title, but across the organization, there are few individuals and departments that do not have the ability to influence their customers’ experience, for the better or for the worse. From first impressions across all of the “moments of truth” that make up customer lifetime value, capitalizing on CX opportunities and minimizing CX risks requires a mindful approach to both strategy and execution, access to the right information and insights, and creative, open lines of communications both internally and externally. Marketers have a special role to play every step of the way.

  • How many good experiences does it take to negate one bad one?
  • Is the experience better with no mistakes, or with a few mistakes well-handled?
  • How powerful is the human/emotional element in the customer experience?
  • Does a good story equate to a good experience?
  • How do you blend engagement with experience and vice versa?
  • What does it take to achieve advocacy?

We’ll discuss all this and more, to deliver actionable learning.

With several iconic Keynote Speakers, deep-dive track sessions and workshops, peer networking, and a dynamic, interactive Experience Lounge, you will walk away inspired, empowered, equipped and ready to make an immediate impact on YOUR Customers’ Experience.

Keynote Speakers

Stan Phelps

Purple Goldfish

Pamela Gilchrist

Area Marketing Director, Chick-fil-A

Kristen Lundbeck

Sr. Manager, Advanced Advertising, Spectrum Reach

Russ Klein

CEO, American Marketing Association

Tony Bodoh

Facilitator and CX Pro

Kathy Klotz-Guest

Keeping It Human

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Speaker Tracks


  • The New Consumer: The Customer Experience Redefined
    Dennis Devlin, Consumer Clarity
  • High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech: Working Together for the Best Experience.
    Carol Rouillard, US Playing Card
  • Corporate Visits: The Human Behavioral Dynamics Behind Creating Lasting, Memorable, and Personalized Customer Experiences
    Mitch Tidman, Palladium Marketing
  • Digital’s Trust Problem: How Transparency and Relevancy are the Solutions
    Alison O’Keefe, 84.51°


  • The Corporate Ethics and Customer Experience Implications of Teen Smartphone Addiction
    Screen Education & EMI Research Solutions
  • Customer Experience in the Enterprise Globalization Strategy
    Mohamed Hassan, Vocalink Global
  • Bridging the gap: Why customer service is the jelly to marketing’s peanut butter!
    John Stieger, Wilke Global
  • Fostering a Culture Built on CX
    LaRosa’s & HyperDrive


  • Beyond Automation: Scaling Services With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    Scott Sullivan, LPK
  • CX Research Without ROI Regret
    Insights Central and Customer Intelligence
  • Journey Mapping and the B2B User Experience
    Marc Macaluso and Jennifer Midkiff-Mitchell, Regal Beloit
  • Emerging Virtual Technologies, the Power of Awe, and the Future of Brand Marketing
    Alan Hughes, Next/Now


  • Using Technology, Data, and Analytics to Drive Customer Loyalty, Advocacy, and Profitability
    Evan Carroll
  • Jobs to be Done: The Secret Sauce Behind Great Ideas & CX
    The Garage Group
  • Amplifying Weirdness and Embracing Weakness to Make Your Business & Customers’ Experience of it Stand Out
    Stan Phelps, Purple Goldfish

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