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Megan Burns

Founder and Principal, Experience Enterprises

The Past, Present, and Future of Customer Experience
April 20, 2021
12:05 – 12:45 p.m.

Fifteen years ago, few business leaders knew or cared about what we now call customer experience. When asked who owns it, they’d say: the customer service team. Thankfully, most have learned better and are investing millions to improve and innovate customer interactions across channels. It’s common to hear the words “customer experience” in mass media advertising campaigns, and more than a few Fortune 500 executives report customer-centric metrics in shareholder meetings. What does this mindset shift mean for marketers long-term? How has the pandemic changed the pace and nature of experience improvement in different industries?

In this session, CX pioneer Megan Burns will share her take on these questions based on the front-row seat she’s had to the CX revolution. Hear data, stories, and principles gathered over Megan’s 20-year career, which includes more than a decade leading CX Maturity research at Forrester and four years leading her own experience strategy and consulting practice, Experience Enterprises.

Key takeaways from this keynote will include:

  • What’s changed in the CX world since 2006, what hasn’t, and why?
  • How has the relationship between marketing and CX evolved over time?
  • Which brands are nailing omnichannel CX now despite all the disruption?
  • Where should marketers focus to stay on top of CX best practices in 2021?