Frequently Asked Questions

The IGNITE! Conference — EX + CX = TX is a three-quarter-day-long conference on September 23 at Griffin Hall at Northern Kentucky University College of Informatics.

Ignite! brings marketing and CX professionals back together to share a focus on best practices, proven tools, innovative ideas, and inspiring stories on how savvy organizations positively influence employee and customer experiences to improve their interactions and increase brand loyalty.

Employees and the employee experience play a growing role in how customers view your brand, promise, and product. The employee experience is now a vital component of the customers’ total experience.

Virtual was a great option in a pinch, but we’re delighted to be back in 3D this year! Ignite! 2022 promises to be a hands-on netwalking workout. Meet and build with other marketing, CX, and even HR professionals, and all will remember how good live collaboration can be. We will be live and in-person— shaking hands, taking names, sharing ideas, and wondering how we lasted this long not working with each other.

The Ignite! Conference is presented by the Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA Cincinnati). It’s open to anyone who wants to attend. You.

IGNITE! 2022 is life and in person Friday, September 23rd, at Griffin Hall at Northern Kentucky University.

Griffin Hall is the home of the College of Informatics at NKU. The facility is “purposely designed to be a space for artists, musicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, and scientists.” Our presentations for the day will feature the George and Ellen Rieveschl Digitorium, a 120-seat visual and sound experience that makes us wonder if we could ever go back to Zoomin’ it every day.

The event will start at 7:30 am morning registration, and the learning will be complete around 3:30 pm that afternoon. Post-session networking is available and expected, so keep your Friday afternoon calendars clear. See the full agenda.

Covered parking comes with your registration, right on the NKU campus. 

Single track. No FOMO – so you won’t wonder attendees in the next room are sharing a secret code without you.

Customer Experience. Employee Experience for the customer experience. B2B. B2C. Employee innovation skills that keep 100-year-old brands ready for the kitchen of the future. And the research that backs it all up.

Information, real-world case studies, and proven research from national organizations. Thought leaders, you can’t catch a coffee with every day. Knowledge is unique in its timing and opportunity.

We’ll have a “break-in” session to get your business brain connecting, listening, and talking.

There are must-share opportunities to interact with the presenters. (Bonus — they’re all bringing a sidekick, so you can catch multiple perspectives of the same great business stories.)

So let’s talk. And listen. And learn. And connect.

What else? We’ll have lunch. Snacks and drinks to keep you fueled. And at 3:30 pm, it’s five o’clock somewhere. So let’s keep going.

If nothing else, we need to connect. And learn.

This past year has demonstrated how important it is for organizations and employees to listen, hear, understand, and connect with customers. And other employees. We’ve all gone missing. Employees are now more critical than ever in building the customer experience.

By participating in AMA IGNITE!, you will learn from the experience of industry thinkers and doers and gain insights, not just observations. We’ll cover how to apply industry best practices to your organization and connect with other marketing and customer experience professionals. Whether you work in B2C, B2B, B2B2C, an agency, or not-for-profit, this conference will inspire you and give you the tools you need to take your career to the next level.

No password required! Anyone interested in marketing and customer experience is welcome to participate in the AMA IGNITE! Conference. Membership has its benefits, though, and members of AMA Cincinnati, or any AMA chapter, benefit from a discounted rate. Learn about the benefits of AMA membership.
  • Access to all IGNITE! sessions live on September 23rd. 
  • Opportunity to engage with speakers and attendees 
  • Special offers from event sponsors
  • Chances to win prizes
  • Some fun surprises at the conference!

Partnership at IGNITE! and other AMA Cincinnati events provides an excellent opportunity to gain visibility and brand awareness among marketing and customer experience leaders at exactly the right time – when they’re advancing their careers and looking for the partners, tools, and services to make it happen!

We take a flexible and creative approach to creating Partner Programs tailored to your marketing goals. Please contact us if you would like to create a custom package or to inquire about expanding your reach as an IGNITE! or chapter partner. Learn more or request a consultation.

Historically, many of our attendees have been marketing or CX professionals and leaders. However, since we are specifically focusing on the employee experience as part of the experience equation, we would like to extend the invite to HR professionals and anyone involved in talent recruitment or management.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Email or tweet at us @AMACincinnati and we’ll get you the info you need to get fired up about #AMAIgnite!