Sanjay Puligadda

Associate Professor, Miami University

Design Thinking [Workshop] April 21, 2021
1:00 – 1:45 p.m.

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When creating a new product, have you ever thought about the importance of empathy? This workshop will deep dive into the concept of design thinking to demonstrate the value of using an empathetic approach that focuses on the customer. You’ll learn why prototyping and testing are so important and how these steps play an important role when determining if a design solution is actually successful. Attendees will be given a specific challenge and asked to follow design thinking steps to come up with a viable solution. By the end, you’ll see why implementing a design thinking process can have a significant impact on the product’s success and customer experience.

From this session you’ll learn:

  • Why having empathy and a user-centric approach matters
  • How to apply prototyping and rapid testing methodologies to your business
  • How to participate in a hands-on scenario that demonstrates the importance of design thinking