The keys to a culture centered on the #customerexperience? Flexibility, a focus on the whole customer journey, and emotional engagement.

Find out how to pull all the right heartstrings with @mihalistavlas @MellonaidAgency at #AMAIgnite!


Join @AMABaltimore on 2/11 for an #AMAintheAfternoon with @mihalistavlas, founder and CEO of @MellonaidAgency, where we'll learn about creativity, the neuroscience of the creative mind, and the psychology of motivating the unmotivated.

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Mihali Stavlas

CEO, Mellonaid

Heartstrings: Build a Culture Centered on Customer Experience
April 21, 2021
3:00 – 3:45 p.m.

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Flexibility is key when putting customer voice in the mix. In today’s customer-centric business model, not even the CEO is the primary voice. Customers who come into contact with your brand beyond your four walls are the most intense influencers. How do you get the people responsible for propelling your brand to move your brand forward? Explore strategic insight on how not to get in the way and increase the number and loyalty of your brand advocates. Balance your lack of control with the strength and power of your users to command respect.

At the end of this session you’ll:

  • Gain ideas for focusing on the whole user journey, not only a few touch points
  • Understand how to partner with key stakeholders when doing early discovery
  • Discover why creating an emotional engagement from everyone involved crucial to any project. Find out how to pull all the right heartstrings
  • Learn ways to structure great experiences
  • View the entire ecosystem from a different perspective